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Ziras Office Solution

A Journey That Never Ends!
Custom Corporate Website
The Company

Ziras Office Solution company started its business journey 20 years ago. A long, adventurous journey, often binding, but full of excitement and satisfaction. A daily path dedicated to research, innovation, and sustainability or - even better - to sustainable innovation research.

Over two decades, Ziras Office Solution has been studying business solutions, carefully analyzing the proposals that best suit the multiple needs of its customers, and thanks to proven know-how and careful quality research, the company promotes the prosperity and harmony of the functional place.

  • The Project

    The Ziras Office Solution website was a challenge for NetPlanet, as the Marketing Plan included the careful watch of specific movies before the Website was designed by the Art Directors.  

    We were asked to build a dynamic & responsive website that would emphasize the company's products, which feature sophisticated design & modern architecture.

    In addition to the highly requested graphics, the Website had to comply with Google's standards in order to have suitable landing pages for it's Digital Ads.

  • The Website

    For the multiple needs of the Brand, a special video intro was created, which is the first interaction that users have with the Website.

    At the same time, the fonts and the irregular - but impressive - colors that were used for the visual approach of the Website, gave exactly what Ziras imagined for its online presence.

    Both the graphics and the development of the Website were created to support any Digital Advertising campaign, after the official launch of the Project.

    In the final phase, the Website was integrated with NetPlanet iCMS, so that the administrators would be able to modify easily & quickly its content, at any time & day, with total independence & security.


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