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Do you want to have a portal that will become a Leader in its category?

The Design & Development of a Web Portal is a special case because its success depends on many and different factors, such as the unique content, the appropriate CMS choice, the promotion in search engines, etc.

What is so special about the Portals that NetPlanet has to offer?

There are some serious companies that have the ability to design and develop Web Portals, but at NetPlanet we have something more: the Video Content and the know-how!

With more than 20 years of experience and successful projects for Brands like MAD TV, Cosmote TV, Rise TV, E TV, Star Channel, etc, we can easily turn your Web Portal into an advanced TV Station On Demand.

Owning private Studios and Video Equipment, we can make unique Video Content, such as Web TV Show and Footage that starts from a Low Budget Production and can end up anywhere you want.

We're upgrading Web Portals into TV Channels On Demand (NetFlix type) since 2004!

Our first constructions were back in 2004 (Sun Box TV, Plus 7, Athens Music Station) when the users of the Web had a very slow Internet connection and we had to transmit Video & Sound through our own compression codes.

From that moment until now, everything has changed, except the fact that we are the first and only company in our country that invests in Video Content and TV Stations On Demand, for 20 years!

How do we build a Leader Web Portal from scratch and without Budget?

It is not easy but at the same time, it is not impossible. It takes a lot of work and effort, but above all, you have to trust us.

Check out a real example. The C.E.O. of Neopolis SA, Notis Koutsoukos, who runs the #1 Web Portal for young people (neopolis.gr), has 440,000 Unique visitors monthly and targets people between 18-26 years old, talks about how this Leader Web Portal was built with 0 €, the day he met NetPlanet!

Do you want a dedicated Leader Web Portal for a specific Target Group?

The editor-in-chief of God is A DJ, Kyriakos Marangos, talks to the camera about the Leader Web Portal for DJ's, how it was made and how it actually produced the most popular show for Dj's in Greece (Fader) with a budget of 0 € and won the admiration of the leader company, Pioneer!

What do you have to do to make your dream come true?

Fill the form below, describe your idea and tell us how you are willing to support it, and the next Leader Web Portal in Greece can be yours!

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