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Cosmos Pharmacy

Your Pharmacy is just around the corner!

Custom B2C Eshop with Customer Loyalty Program

The Company

The Pharmacy started on Iniochou Street and for 21 consecutive years, the Pharmacist Mrs. Kapnisi Aikaterini successfully provided her knowledge and scientific advice, developing long-term relationships of trust with her customers.

The continuous development and positive response of the customers led, in 2016, to the transfer of the physical store to a larger and more modern environment, at 55 Veikou Str, Center of Galatsi.

The aim of this new Pharmacy is to become a point of provision of health, beauty, and wellness consulting services, which will satisfy even the most demanding customer.

  • The Project

    Cosmos Pharmacy's Marketing Plan included the Web Design & Development of an easy-to-use B2C Eshop that meets the needs of the most demanding Web user!

    The Eshop needed clear spaces on the Homepage in order to show promotional content with all the offers of the Pharmacy. At the same time, we were asked to connect the Eshop to the company's ERP, in order to serve its' real-time needs, providing the user with reliable navigation.

    The ultimate goal of this Eshop was to create the appropriate Landing Pages and achieve high Quality Score in advertising campaigns through Google & Facebook, but also sales at the lowest possible cost!

  • The Eshop

    For the effective design, development, and promotion of the Online Pharmacy, Custom UX/UI Design was a one-way solution. It is linked to NetPlanet iCMS, ensuring increased security and flexibility in future Eshop upgrades with new technologies.

    The development includes multiple connections and payment methods, unlimited discount coupons, but also an advanced loyalty system for its customers, to strengthen the Marketing Plan of the Online company!

    One of its UX pros is the advanced search, where the user types only the first letters of the product he is looking for and the system recognizes & displays all possible results, saving even more time in the buying process!


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