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Do you want an Eshop that sells?

At NetPlanet we have been designing Custom E-shops for over 20 years, designed to achieve their primary goal! And this, is sales!

Is it worth it to invest in a Custom E-shop? Yes!

Surveys and global statistics show that no physical store can compete with an online store. And the reasons vary!

  • The construction cost!
  • The construction speed!
  • The maintenance cost!
  • The range of consumers!
  • It never closes!

Which are the features of a successful E-shop?

Features vary between online stores. We will mention some features of the Custom E-shops we design and we consider being quite important for a modern online store!

Responsive Eshop!

Mobile and tablet users have covered the 60%-70% of the market! Using responsive web design, gives us an advantage, because our E-shop adapts to any screen resolution! From the smallest screen of a mobile phone, to the most comfortable screen that our visitor might have, or a big smart TV!

Voice Search!

According to Google, in 2020, the most searches on an Eshop will be done by our voices and not with the traditional way we knew until today. At NetPlanet, we use voice search in different ways, depending on our client's needs. If you are reading this text from a mobile phone, Laptop, Tablet, or a PC that has a microphone, click on the small microphone of our Website on the left of the Menu icon and say: I want to design an Eshop! Voice Search will connect to Google, convert voice into data, and show you the page you are reading right now! Attention though, this Google service is temporarily not supported on Safari browser users.

Abandoned Cart!

Abandoned Cart is a function that sends a reminder to our customers about the products they "forgot" in their shopping cart, the time they did not complete their order through our Eshop. At this point, we take care of making them recall these products, in order to increase the income of your Eshop.

Product Filtering!

When our customer is in our E-shop and has up to thousands of products in front of him, it’s very important that he is able to separate all the products from what he really wants, with only 1-2 clicks. This is why we use as many attributes as we can to make life easier and, at the same time, make your E-shop more effective! Such filters could be the sorting of products by price, color, size, quality, etc.

Wholesale and Retail Environment, all at the same Eshop!

B2B clients (wholesale) can be easily separated from the retail customers (B2C). We can have both B2B and B2C platforms in the same Eshop, or create an Eshop Clone with a different domain name, connected to the same CMS!

Connection with your company’s ERP!

At NetPlanet we can connect your Eshop with your ERP. In this way, we are automatically able to read all the information you want straight from your ERP, such as prices, availability status, product features, etc. We establish connections with SAP, Entersoft, Softone, Singular Logic, U.S. RTC, or any other ERP of your choice.

Connection with websites that compare prices & products!

To get the most competitive advantage, NetPlanet connects your Eshop with Skroutz, Best Price and other similar websites.

Connection with Courier Companies!

The automated shipping gives your online store the absolute control over shipments to any country you export your products to. We make connections with companies such as UPS, Speedex, ACS, etc.

Bank connection & multiple payment methods!

For successful online transactions, we connect your Eshop to any bank or online payment system such as Viva, PayPal, etc.


Different prices for every customer!

Customers can have different prices on the same product. For example, we can control the turnover of a customer and automatically adjust a unique discount only for this customer! We can also create B2B Groups and we can categorize each client to one of these Groups. After that, we can change the category of each customer, depending on his turnover on your business.

Mix And Match Eshop!

We usually see this on the best fashion Eshops or on the most successful fashion websites. Wtih "Mix And Match" we can recommend product combinations to our customers. For example, let’s say that a customer is on our website and sees a red dress. We can make some suggestions on how to combine that red dress with some shoes, bags, jewelry, etc. On a website like this, the customer feels more complete, because we do not just recommend him a product, we give him the combinations that will help him complete his purchases, quickly and correctly!

Product Relationship!

The most successful Eshop is the one that catches the customer's interest! This can be achieved by presenting related products right under the product that the user has chosen to see. In this way, if he doesn’t like his choice, we automatically suggest him to see other products associated with his original selection. Similar products can be displayed by category, color, etc.

Discount Coupons!

There are many Marketing options and have to do with the promotion of our online store. We can create many different discount coupons, with different dates, or quantitative words! For example, we set up an automatic Facebook campaign that will become Public at 3 a.m., and the advertisement will show that the first 3 customers will have a 50%, 70%, 90% discount! Otherwise, we can say that "Only for today and with the XXX discount coupon, you will have a 50% discount". In the first 3 purchases or at midnight, the discount coupon will expire and the campaign will automatically stop! In a similar way, we can reward a customer with a discount coupon on his order, which could, for example, have a 10% discount on his next purchase!

Shopping by Brand!

If our e-shop is a commercial business with multiple manufacturers, we can separate them by constructing for each manufacturer/designer their own website. On this website we can present whatever we want for our suppliers and, at the same time, we can connect their products creating the impression that our customer is into a unique dealership!

Multiple Media & Video on each Product!

A product shouldn’t be presented with only one photograph. It should have many photos, videos, zoom functions, technical features, etc. In this way, we give our client a complete picture of the product and help him/her make a decision!

Full Statistics in CMS!

The CMS connection gives us the advantage to monitor all daily statistics about our most-wanted products, the status of our orders, or anything else you might ask for!

Countless Resellers!

We can have countless resellers of our Eshop using the discount coupons mentioned above! For example, we can create a coupon with a 10% discount and associate it with a reseller. After that, he can advertise or make Public Relations associated with the Eshop. If one of our resellers' clients' makes a purchase, he automatically wins the 10% discount. Our custom CMS will recognize the customer and will automatically notify the reseller by Email, along with the pre-agreed commission. In this way, everyone is satisfied. The customer earned a 10% discount, his reseller earned his commission and the Eshop made another successful sale!


Finished already? No!

There are countless features for an e-shop, such as Add to Favorites, Tell a friend, Imports, Exports, Manage Media, Users, Social Connections, Google Maps, etc. We could discuss about all these features with you and help you make your final decision.

Besides, do not forget that a successful e-shop can help you create a complete online business!

Our clients talk about us and more! Watch the Video!

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