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NetPlanet iCMS

Do you want a Custom CMS that does exactly what you ask for?

NetPlanet iCMS is a custom Content Management system that is tailored to your business needs.

Multiple Technologies on a Website?

Imagine a Corporate Website, a B2B/B2C Eshop, a Web Portal and an entire On Demand TV station on a website!

Connectivity that never ends!

NetPlanet iCMS is associated with any ERP, with all banks or with alternative payment systems, with any Courier company, with complex Ticketing systems, Google Api, etc.

It's connectivity has no limits. It is a Custom CMS and with our 20-year experience we can build bridges for any platform.

Sophisticated Clone System!

You can have different websites, with different Designs, different content but all in one CMS!

You can have your own Fashion Eshop and later on, you can automatically transfer your products to a different Stock Website!

You can create whatever you want! Our experienced team is able to make your ideas come true.

Superiority to your competitors.

NetPlanet iCMS is fast, custom and provides the maximum security compared to Open Source CMS.

How much does it cost?

Its cost for a simple Website or Eshop is at 150 € per year and the price includes free Web Hosting service! The annual cost for complex constructions does not exceed 270 €!

Prices do not include VAT.

Support 24/24, 365 days a year!

The Web never stops moving. So do we! We respond to your requests any day and any time, 24/24, 365 days a year!

In summary iCMS includes:

  • Connection with ERP, CRM, Courier, PayPal, Bank systems, etc.
  • Managing Categories & Subcategories
  • Adding Media to Categories & Subcategories
  • Managing Pages & Articles
  • Adding Media to Pages & Articles
  • Different Page Statements (Inactive, Edit, Preview, Public)
  • Default Page or Article Posting (Month, Date, Time)
  • Automatic Removal of Pages or Articles (Month, Date, Time)
  • Adding Pages, Articles, Products to Multiple Categories
  • Unlimited Unique features according to your needs
  • Adding Related Pages, Articles, Products,
  • Adding comments per page, article, product, etc.
  • Polling (Start-End Date, Timer, Validation, etc.)
  • Adding Polls to Pages, Articles, Products, etc.
  • Media Management (Photos, PDF, Videos, Other)
  • Photo Galleries Management (Add to Articles, Pages, etc.)
  • Automatic Multi-Dimensional Photo Making
  • Cropping photos 
  • Making of Photos with Different Representations per Analysis
  • Showing Media with Thumbnails or Thumbnails
  • Product & Manufacturer Management
  • Discount Coupons Management (Discount, Time to Use, etc.)
  • Order Management by Customer, Date, Coupon
  • Resellers Management
  • Product Availability Status
  • Favorites List
  • Import & Export of Data to CSV, XLS, etc.
  • Managing Users & Customers
  • Grouping of Users & Customers
  • Managing Maps through Google Maps and edit them
  • Mailing List User Database (Import & Export)
  • Mailing List - Newsletter Validation Plug-in

It includes even more features and turns into the ultimate marketing tool with advanced management of S.E.O.

For more information, fill out the Request Form and NetPlanet Marketing Department will contact you within 24 hours.

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