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Do you want to develop a strong business profile on Social Media?

Your customers spend most of their time on Social Media! Some time ago, the most popular media was the TV. Today, it is the Web! The difference is that on the Web we can target and expand your client list across the globe on a low Budget! At NetPlanet, we have Social Media specialists and also the ability to handle your business as if it was ours!

What do we offer?

  • Content Marketing
  • Strategic Copywriting
  • Custom Graphics
  • Custom Video Posts
  • Stories Creation

Why should I invest in building a professional image in Social Media?

Through the management of your Social Media Pages we can build your company's Brand Awareness, create relationships of trust between you and your customers, increase your sales and expand your client list to any country in the world.

Which Social Media are worth investing in?

At NetPlanet, we can design the plan that suits your business and discover the Social Media that is worth investing! Each one of the Social Media is designed for a specific audience and does not suit everyone's needs. We manage the following:

  • Instagram & Facebook
  • YouTube & Google My Business
  • Pinterest & Tumblr
  • LinkedIn & Twitter
  • Pop Corn (Unique for U.S.A. customers)

How much does it cost?

At NetPlanet, we recommend remarkable solutions, including Video Content, from 149 € per month!

Below is the form that will immediately change your image, on a low budget!

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