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Chemical Products & Environmental Technologies
Multi-language Responsive Website
The Company

Lubrico is a chemical manufacturing and trading company founded in Greece, in 1991.

Its original goal was to establish production for textiles and chemicals, which subsequently expanded to the production of water treatment and paper chemicals.

The company exports to more than 20 countries accounting for almost 40% of its total sales.

With over 500 customers, it aims to market technologies and continue to create new products that guarantee the future of the company.

  • The Project

    For the online presentation of Lubrico we were asked to create a website based on UX/UI Design, different, and more "corporate" than the basic design of the websites we usually find on the Web.

    The assignment, therefore, included a Multi-Language Corporate Website, with a unique Web Design, which would represent the company in Greece, as well as in more than 20 countries where they export their products.

  • The Website

    NetPlanet created a different Website for Lubrico, focusing on UX/UI design and aiming to be aesthetical & functional to a different audience among 20 countries.

    Mobile Responsive Web Design was very important throughout the studying of mobile devices usage and website traffic in the countries targeted by the company.

    A different website with an unusual design, that will last throughout the years.


    Desktop Monitor
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