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Rockwave Festival

Keep Rocking!
Corporate Website & Live Agenta
The Company

Didi Music is the oldest and biggest concert company in Greece. With thousands of concerts, such as Madonna, U2, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Pink Floyd, Metallica, etc., with huge events in our country, such as Rockwave Festival & Sonisphere Festival, even the creation and reunion of Pyx Lax is definitely the Leader in its category for more than 20 years. Didi Music is showing trust in NetPlanet for 3 decades in a row and this honors us and rewards us for all the work we have done. Keep Rocking!

  • The Project

    The assignment of Didi Music's main website, but also the rest of the websites of the company, came gradually. At first, we made the Rockwave Festival's website, and after that, the rest of the projects followed.

    Being recognized as the main representative of all the websites for such a big company, and also being asked to cover the Video, Photo, Backstage, Secret Concept & Digital Marketing needs, is even more difficult because of the responsibility that follows.

  • The Website

    Didi Music's official website and Digital Marketing are the sole responsibility of NetPlanet.

    We have presented various Designs from time to time, aiming to inform and impress the viewers.

    About 15 years ago, we created the first Web TV for this Brand Name in Greece, with Video Clip screenings by Madonna, Metallica, U2, and many other artists.

    For 2020, we are preparing a new proposal in order to have a unique web presence for such a big Brand Name.


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