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Neopolis S.A.

The ideal place for young people!
Leader Web Portal
The Company

With more than half a million unique visitors a month, Neopolis is now the Leader Web Portal for young people in Greece. The articles of Neopolis have to do with the casual issues of young people, student news, jobs, and of course entertainment columns on topics such as food, entertainment, Lifestyle, Social Media and much more.

  • The Project

    The idea & brief of Neopolis team was groundbreaking.

    Three young students, with dreams, ideas, and a lot of appetite, wanted to create their own website where they could share their thoughts, concerns and news around the world of students. In short, an online student "hangout".

    The Web Portal needed to have completely user-friendly Interface, in order to make it easy for users to navigate its various columns.

    At the same time, we were asked to host multiple types of ads within the Website.

  • The Website

    Creating a Web Portal requires smart and interactive Design, with an Interface that provides its visitors with the ultimate experienve, in order to increase their staying.

    The various columns, the articles, the tags and the reviews, maintain the perfect balance in the way they are presented. They also make the navigation even easier and more enjoyable.

    At the same time, the Web Portal had to be connected to a CMS that would help its ranking in Google. For this reason, we have chosen the Wordpress platform, which is suggested for better ranking in search engines.

    For the needs of Neopolis, we have created some specific places into the Website, which host advertising Banners or other types of ads, from the various Brands that wish to be shown in the successful Web Portal.


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