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Your Air Conditioning Partner!

Custom B2C Eshop

The Company

KOKOTAS founded in 1981 and is a specialized air conditioning company, with steady growth, which supplies and installs the latest technology air conditioning systems. It offers expert advice on any natural ventilation gas heating cooling matter and air purifiers for homes or business premises. The experience of the company solely in air conditioning, combined with high quality products can not guarantee that the suggested solutions will fully cover any need. The company is considered to be among the leaders in trading and air conditioning installation suppliers in Greece.

  • The Project

    KOKOTAS company delivered us a complete Marketing plan, which included the creation of an extensive Website and an interactive e-shop that provides safe and guaranteed solutions to its customers.

    At the same time, the goal was to highlight the Corporate side of the Brand and showcase the multiple solutions it provides to companies and individuals. 

    The visual effects, the functions of Eshop, but also the whole interface should inspire confidence to the user, while the home page should be equal to the high quality of service and products offered by the company.

  • The Eshop

    Custom Web Design was the only solution to meet the expectations of the Marketing Plan given to us by KOKOTAS company.

    The Eshop was designed to achieve high sales and inspire reliability. Dynamic filters have been added, which are fully manageable by the company itself, with the ultimate goal of allowing the user to browse easily and quickly in multiple product categories.

    At the same time, Google Voice Search has been integrated to optimize Eshop's ranking in search engines and provide the user with the best possible experience.

    A company with such an impeccable professional reputation and integrity, requires the appropriate support.

    That's why the Eshop was connected with NetPlanet iCMS, in order to upgrade its content easily and efficiently in the shortest possible time.


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