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Calceis Pennatis

Clothes That Matter!
B2C Fashion Eshop
The Company

Calceis Pennatis was established in 1997, when Roula Bekakou and Vassilis Ziogos, two innovative entepreneurs from Rhodes identified the lack of luxury fashion brands in the local market and decided to specialize in importing unique pieces, fashionable clothing, shoes and accessories from well known designers and reputable manufacturers from all over Europe.

  • The Project

    Calceis Pennatis' Brief included the creation of an Eshop, which addresses to the fans of timeless style and acclaimed Fashion Brands.

    The design of the E-shop had to match the company's philosophy and keep pace with the elegance and modern look of its products. At the same time, it had to contain Videos in the Home Page, in order to impress its customers.

    The main purpose of creating the online store was to have a space on the Web that would represent the company's physical store and would allow the prospective customers to make their purchases in just a few clicks.

  • The Eshop

    In such a special E-shop, the Custom Design was necessary to showcase the Luxury status of the products.

    The highlight of the products is defined by the ultimate clean Design of the internal pages, making the navigation easy for the user.

    At the same time, multiple connections accomplished with systems that make the company's operations and the flow of its orders very easy.

    The pages and design are Google friendly, aiming to achieve high Quality Score in advertising.

    Finally, the E-shop was connected to NetPlanet iCMS, which support all the requirements and upgrades until today, in a short time.


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