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MB Fashion

Fashion for Our Little Superheroes!
Custom B2B Eshop
The Company

MB Fashion was founded in 1987 by Konstantinos Farsaris and Grammatiki Farsari, originally called "PRIZE" and 2002 renamed in "M&B". Set within its own grounds in Schisto Korydallos and is equipped with modern electronic equipment. The goal is to continue to create modern and innovative collections at competitive prices, the best quality of the market.

  • The Project

    MB Fashion's brief included the creation of an impressive Website with integrated Eshop, which radiates the romance and innocence of childhood.

    At the same time, we had to showcase a professional catalog, in order to impress the B2B customers of the company and showcase the high quality of its clothes.

    The Web Design had to ensure the comfortable and easy navigation of the user, creating pleasant emotions, just like the company's Collections.

  • The Eshop

    Custom Web Design was the only way to get the professional result the company was looking for.

    In order to showcase the quality of MB Fashion's clothing, we created a modern and easy-to-use wholesale platform, aiming to serve MB Fashion's customers' needs.

    Dynamic catalogs have been made with the company's Collections, reminding us an online magazine, for even better user interaction.

    At the end of the development process, the Eshop was connected to the NetPlanet iCMS to achieve quick and easy management 24 hours a day, as well as low cost upgrades.


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