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Custom B2C Eshop
The Company

Incrocio store, located in the center of Athens, Kolonaki area, since 1989, is one of the most appropriate choices in the field of menswear and footwear. The timeless collaboration with major international brands and the continuous updating on the market offer our clients a successful multibrand store that covers the full spectum of branded menswear. Aiming at elegance offering high quality products, constant development of the company and guided by the basic principles of respect and prompt customer service, Incrocio provides a great variety of clothes and footwear to cover the needs of every man.

  • The Project

    Incrocio's Marketing Plan was quite demanding, as we had to create an interactive platform with multiple filters and functions, which would provide detailed information about the store's products and brands.

    The Eshop addresses to the male audience who want to stand out in each of their appearances, so we had to establish a relationship of trust between the interface and the final user, through the design and the presentation of the products.

    At the same time, Incrocio had to give the feeling of continuous interaction with its dedicated audience, and for this reason, we were asked to create a special blog, which would be a "station" for the company's customers.

  • The Eshop

    To meet the company's needs, Web Design & Development had to be 100% Custom.

    Therefore, a unique UX/UI environment was created, and its capabilities cover even the most demanding customer of the company.

    In addition, we have added the appropriate filters, which group the products of the Eshop, without affecting the speed of the page.

    An easy-to-use, secure, and fast CMS was also required to receive instant orders from the Eshop.

    For this reason, it was connected to NetPlanet iCMS and the management of the warehouse, the orders, but also its content, is carried out quickly.


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