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Xtreme Greece

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The Company

Greece is a place you can enjoy all year round. Xtremegreece.gr strives to bring out all the activities you can enjoy the 365 days of a year!

For this reason, the largest Greek activities website was created.

The platform works in a simple way, by selecting the area and the sport/activity you want.

  • The Project

    Xtreme Greece's Marketing Plan was quite complicated, as we had to create an interactive platform, with extremely sophisticated filters and functions, in order to provide detailed information for extreme sports, activities & events all over in Greece.

    The initial plan of Xtreme Greece included the registration of Greek companies providing services related to extreme sports. At the same time, we had to create a section devoted to the latest news around them.

    The goal of Xtreme Greece was to acquire its own dedicated audience. This audience should have xtremegreece.gr as their first information source for issues exclusively related to their favorite sports. The website should also be upgraded easily and quickly as its popularity grows, along with its visitors' demands.

  • The Website

    A complex Project such as Xtreme Greece required 100% Custom Web Design & Development.

    One of the Project's most complex points was the creation of a Business Admin Panel, where the businesses could be registered in the Website through a very user-friendly interface.

    In addition, we created some complex mechanisms, showing different filters & combinations of these filters on the several pages of the Website, without affecting its speed and without making the navigation of the visitor difficult.

    The management of such a complicated Project, with various automations and a special Interface for the affiliated companies, required a secure, reliable, and flexible CMS connection. For this reason, the Website was connected to NetPlanet iCMS.


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