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More than an Online Mall!
Dynamic & Responsive Eshop
The Company

Extramall.gr launched on September of 2017 aiming to become the first Online Mall in Greece. Electronics, beauty & fashion products, gadgets managed to set a dedicated fan club all over Greece in less than a month. From that moment and every single month, Extramall boosts it's product categories by new, premium, quality innovative, science-based items for women, men & family in order to optimize your everyday life and overall wellness. Web visitors experience smooth browsing, secured transactions and a wide range of ready-to-ship products in unique prices just a few clicks away from their door!

  • The Project

    Extramall's Brief included a Minimal Design for the Eshop, in order to highlight all its different products, while remaining user-friendly and easy to navigate.

    The different categories of this Eshop had to be harmonized, on a common visual basis.

    In addition, the creation of ExtraBlog was one of its key features and aimed to keep users updated and to increase Eshop's ranking on Google.

  • The Website

    NetPlanet has launched the Eshop of Extramall, staying devoted to its main purpose: Easy to navigate and support quick & secure shopping.

    Multiple Call to Action buttons, Online Chat, and "Call you back" functions are just some of Extramall's features that elevate the User Experience levels and turn this Eshop into an Online Mall capable of serving its customers and make it easier for them to navigate through its pages.

    For easy, fast & daily updating of Extramall's content, the connection to the NetPlanet iCMS was the one-way solution.

    Thus, Extramall has achieved its goal, meaning the creation of a modern Eshop, with the ability to be upgraded easily & quickly at any time, but also with suitable Landing Pages for a high score in its Digital ads.


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