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High aesthetics & functionality with 20 years of experience & presence in more than 10 countries!

At NetPlanet we make the most of the latest Digital Marketing & Video tools, we build websites designed to become Leaders in their category. For dynamic businesses with clear goals!

After 20 years of experience, we design multi-dimensional and impressive websites, web portals, online stores, radio and TV stations, etc. Or, we can combine all these into one website! We have clients in more than 10 countries abroad, providing impressive results and we are able to establish a safe connection between your website and any ERP worldwide.

Choosing Custom Web Design for your Brand is the ultimate boost for your company's web presence, differentiating it from your competitors. In fact, Custom Websites are designed from scratch and can be modified anytime according to your company's needs.

Our customers talk about us & much more. Watch the Video!

Color Psychology & 360 Digital Marketing for Your Website!

At NetPlanet, we believe that the details make the difference on a Website. That is why we do not let anything in chance. We start by choosing the colors of your website in cooperation with a specialized psychologist, we analyze your needs through our Digital Marketing department and our Art Director brings the ultimate result in the design of your Website, along with our graphic designers' team.

At the final stage, our Google certified Web Developers undertake the final implementation of your Website, developing all its Responsive versions, PHP Scripts and connecting it to NetPlanet iCMS, or other CMS' like Magento, WordPress, OpenCard. Otherwise, we build your own CMS!

In order to achieve a high aesthetics & professional result, we train our staff at the New York Film Academy and we attend all of Google's specialized seminars. That's why NetPlanet is the first company in Greece with private Studios and Equipment, making HD Video Content for Websites since 2004!

Low or high cost for your Website?

At NetPlanet, we can properly manage the Budget that you want to invest in your Website. We offer trusted solutions for every budget. So, do not hesitate to contact our sales department.

Being able to cover all your needs, along with the excellent experience of our managers, we provide you results that will excite you and accomplish your business goals.

A beautiful & functional website is always enough?

Creating a website is just the first step. After that, our 360 Digital Marketing department undertakes the promotion across all digital channels, but also the right and profitable solutions for your business. Google Ads, Social Media Management, Community Management and much more.

Discover NetPlanet's Digital Marketing Services just by clicking here.

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