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Alpine Cinemas NYC

When it comes to Movies
We are on the top of our Game!

5x Responsive Entertainment Eshop

The Company

The Hi-Tech theaters of Alpine Cinemas in New York make the movies "come alive" with its huge screens and Dolby Digital sound, aiming to sink a crowd of 2.500 people into action.

The remarkable theater gives a realistic feeling with its spacious seats and 3-D capabilities, adding an extra dimension!

  • The Project

    The original Brief included the connection of three different Cinemas in New York. The core was the Alpine Cinemas.

    Movieland Entertainment asked us to customize the NetPlanet TV Software within its Website, aiming to provide the ultimate Cinema experience to its users. One of the toughest points was to build the home page in 5 different dimensions, in order to achieve the ultimate Responsive experience to its Mobile users.

    Finally, the Brief required the construction of Custom Bridge between NetPlanet iCMS and America's largest ticket distribution company, RTC.

  • The Website

    The Custom design and modifications to NetPlanet iCMS were the only way to achieve our goals within 3 months. We used an advanced Clone System for the connection of the three Cinemas, the RTC connection, the connection to NetPlanet TV Software and the Vimeo Platform.

    This Responsive Website was built in 2014 and yet looks like... brand new!

    After the delivery of the main project, we created a Web TV Series called "Movieland Report" for our client, in our Studios, and it can be viewed on the Website or into the Cinema before the beginning of the movie. Watch a sample of this show here!

    Today, we keep investing in its evolution and managing the Project along with the Cinema's Brand Awareness on Social Media and its advertising campaigns on Google, targeting New York's audience.


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