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Zic Zac

Fashion in the City!

Female Fashion B2C Eshop with Multiply B2B!
The Company

ZIC ZAC ABEE appeared in 1984 as a new trend in women's lifestyle in Greece, with "advanced" clothing, but at the same time with high aesthetics, femininity and quality, making it unique and affordable, always remaining faithful to the quality and the differentiated design.

ZIC ZAC collection has been distinguished over the years by its clothes that are "classic" sexy and are always present in a woman's wardrobe. Chic, casual and elegant combinations express every woman who wants to "play" with her style, who follows her sentimental mood, from day to night, and the shining woman with passion for life and fashion.

  • The Project

    The Brief of ZIC ZAC company included an Eshop with B2C & B2B platform, addressed to women aged who dare and like to be Sexy!

    Along with the Eshop, we had to include the corporate part of the company, as well as the promotion of its 15+ stores.

    Finally, we were asked to build many Custom automations, as well as Landing Page modifications, to achieve high Quality Score and successful Remarketing campaigns with Google & Facebook Ads.

  • The Eshop

    For ZIC ZAC we chose Custom UX/UI Design, with NetPlanet iCMS, so that we can have a B2C and many B2B at the same Eshop, and meet the company's needs in the Greek, as well as the global market.

    Our goal was to design an Eshop that could last through the years, through simple upgrades and adjust its Design and its capabilities according to the most demanding woman's needs. We adapted each Landing Page to the Digital Plan's needs, in order to have a High Quality Score in Digital Ads.

    Considering the performance of this Eshop for more than a decade, as well as the growth of the company, we believe we have achieved our goals! In addition, we have created Video Content for the Company's Social Media. Click here to watch the ZIC ZAC Fashion Footage!


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