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Smells like Sea!
Corporate Website with B2B Eshop
The Company

KONTOVEROS operates in the import, export, marketing, processing, standardization, packaging, and distribution of frozen fish. At the same time, the company produces delicious innovative seafood products (burgers, sausages, kebabs, and snacks).

Founded in 1968 and after half a century of operation, KONTOVEROS is now more active than ever!

With a domestic market share that exceeds 25% and a significant increase in its export activity, the company sees the future with optimism and is ready to conquer it.

  • The Project

    KONTOVEROS gave us a complete Marketing plan, which included the creation of a Website that would appeal to families that choose a high-quality lifestyle and diet.

    The Website had to reflect the high quality of "KONTOVEROS" brand.

    Considering the nutritional meals, fish & seafood the company offers, we were asked to represent a sea environment, made with sophisticated graphics, in order to catch the attention of Greek households, while at the same time creating a sense of confidence for its products.

  • The Website

    Our biggest challenge in designing a Website like this was the graphic depiction of the natural environment of the sea and, at the same time, the corporate representation of the brand "KONTOVEROS".

    In order to make the visitor feel like he is browsing in a virtual bottom of an ocean, we made incorporated graphics with animated fish at the home page, which are moving alongside the user.

    At the same time, in order to emphasize the quality of the company's products, we placed the Nutritional Information on the product pages, so that the nutritional value would be clear to the visitor.

    In addition, we couldn't drop the Blog section from the Website, where visitors could discover easy, quick, fast and dietetic recipes.

    The constant updating of the Recipes Blog, as well as the different products that KONTOVEROS has to present, required a user-friendly, fast and dynamic content management platform. For this reason, the Website was linked to NetPlanet iCMS.


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