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Celia Kritharioti

Innovative Fashion Designs That Bring Out Your Most Feminine Side!
Haute Couture B2C Eshop!
The Designer

By the late 1980s, Celia Kritharioti took over the biggest Greek fashion house that was created in 1906 and brought a new wind to Greek fashion. This does not stop here though.

From Gweneth Paltrow, Jennifer Lopez and Lady Gaga, to the costumes for the performances of the National Opera and all the women who chose Celia Kritharioti's bridal creations for their most important day of their lives, the creativity, the talent and the vision of this amazing designer do not have geographic boundaries!

  • The Project

    Celia Kritharioti's Eshop Brief included the creation of an absolutely Elegant & Minimal web presence, addressed to women and men who want to adopt an extremely classy look.

    At the same time, we had to showcase the unique creations that appeal to our little friends, the children, always maintaining the aristocratic style in the Web Design.

    The design of the Eshop was supposed to highlight the Haute Couture and the Elegance that featured the Brand of the infamous fashion designer.

    The main goal of this Eshop was to have a website dedicated to Celia Kritharioti's unique creations and would act as an Online Boutique.

  • The Luxury Eshop

    The design, the development, and marketing plan of an Eshop with Haute Couture creations require a special study.

    In order to highlight the photos with the impressive garments, we had to create a very clear graphics environment, which was imprinted with white, gray & black details to all its pages.

    With her recurring travels and presentations at Fashion Shows across the globe, Celia Kritharioti should have an absolutely easy-to-manage Eshop that could be updated and modified from anywhere in the world.

    Thus, the Eshop was connected to NetPlanet iCMS, in order to manage it easily and directly.


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