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Matis Fashion

The Company

MATIS is operating in the manufacturing and trade of women's clothing.

Since its founding in 1974, and until 1986, it has been hosted in a privately-owned building of 800 sq.m. in N. Faliro, Athens.

Nowadays, MATIS company has a network of clients that exceeds the 400 stores, both in Greece and abroad, and continues to expand and be at the forefront, always guaranteeing the quality of its clothes with the design novelty.

  • The Project

    MATIS company's Brief included the development of a retail and wholesale eshop, addressed to the female audience, aged between 25 to 55.

    For the Eshop's content management, we were asked to deliver a common CMS, so that the company could manage both the B2C & B2B platforms at the same time, and be able to upgrade them either separately, or at once.

    The original Brief is continuously enriched with automations until today, as the Brand's needs and clientele are growing.

  • The Eshop

    The complexity of an Eshop that has both B2C and B2B features that have to coexist on a platform and work independently in many features, require strict support and security, during their building and upgrading.

    The biggest challenge was to create a management environment that would save time on the Eshop Administrator.

    With the Custom Design and the NetPlanet iCMS, the content management made easy, fast and efficient.

    MATIS's expectations have been achieved to the maximum and the performance of the Eshop remains spectacular.


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