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Tailor Italian Wear

Discover The Tailor Luxury Menswear World:
Unique Italian Craftsmanship & Top Quality!

Luxury Men's B2C Eshop
The Company

Tailor company is particularly committed to the combination of quality and aesthetic perception.

Tailor has a desire for beautiful creations, made with sensitivity for both man and environment, offering these creations to people who have the virtue of taste.

The company provides a combination of excellent quality in clothing, combined with affordable prices, and at the same time, it stands out for its customer service.

  • The Project

    Tailor's original Brief was about creating a B2C Eshop that is addressed to the male audience, who looks for high-quality costumes & jackets that represent a modern & youthful style!

    We had to follow some special UX/UI Design specifications, in order to inspire confidence to the users of the world's different markets.

    Along with the delivery of the Brief, we were asked to build a bridge with automated functions for both Tailor's online store and for its online storage software, but also establish a connection between the Eshop and the courier companies that partner with the Brand, in order to calculate the shipping costs to Greece or abroad.

  • The Eshop

    An Eshop having as a primary goal the Elegant & Minimal Design has to be designed with Custom Graphics.

    The complicated connections with the Brand's automated systems required the power of a secure and fully customizable platform, the NetPlanet iCMS!

    From the day we delivered the project, and as the Brand becomes bigger over time, there is an increasing need for upgrades. Along with these upgrades, our goal is to maintain its Landing Pages Quality Score in high levels, in order to maximize the performance of the ads and provide a unique user experience. And we made it with NetPlanet iCMS!


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