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Tatoglou Shoes

Good Shoes take you to Good Places!
Custom B2C Eshop
The Company

TATOGLOU has been operating in Piraeus and has been serving the needs of the consumer public since 1972. The store started at Kolokotroni Street as a factory branch. In a short time, the company started to trade and specialize in all kinds of shoes and slippers.

  • The Project

    TATOGLOU's brief included the Design and Development of a B2C Eshop that represents the physical store and has a variety of shoes and slippers for all ages.

    The user had to focus on the company's rich footwear collection, so the whole design had to be clean and minimal.

    At the same time, the Eshop had to be mobile friendly and adaptable to other devices, and the final goal was to provide the user with a great experience, and also, easy shopping.

  • The Eshop

    In this Eshop, where the main goal was to create an impressive environment for the presentation of the huge variety of products of the company TATOGLOU, Custom design and Development were at the top of its business plans.

    For the Eshop's needs, we created multiple filters in the product categories, in order to achieve better user navigation.

    At the same time, a Blog has been added to the main menu and it provides useful information about the shoe industry, trying to achieve better ranking in search engines, and upgrade the user's experience.

    The Eshop is exclusively connected to NetPlanet iCMS, which allows the company to manage its' content in a fast and easy way, as well as constantly upgrading the Eshop with preferential prices.


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