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God is a DJ

Music is Life!
Web Portal for DJs
The Company

In 2013, an experienced team of Greek DJs wanted to stimulate the "dynamic mood" of the Greek DJ & producer by bringing out their talent and work! With valuable articles about DJing, new releases from all genres, dj sets, interviews, etc., very soon Godisadj.gr became the most popular domestic portal around music and through the booth of its protagonist!

he reference points of this Web Portal are the video DJ Shows of FADER of the domestic WEB TV production of Godisadj.gr & NetPlanet before the arrival of Livestream sessions on socials! For 3 exciting seasons, the top Greek DJs went through the dj studio of NetPlanet and made amazing DJ sets with awesome statistics on the page of Godisadj.gr, putting the site's popularity on top!

Also, the exclusive collaboration with the official Pioneer DJ delegation for Greece (Intersys) brought the "Unboxed" generation of episodes to your screens, starring Anastasio DJ (of God is a DJ), who is the Official Ambassador of Pioneer DJ in Greece! Finally, the collaboration of God is a DJ with Music 89.2 & RISE TV gave the website an additional important activity on the radio & on television, as well as an important place in the official coverage and co-production of several electronic music festivals in Greece!

  • The Project

    The instructions for the development of the famous DJs Greek Portal "God is a DJ", which is constantly changing and updated, were quite clear from the first moment.

    The presentation of all the different music sections had to be shown appropriately, in order to make it easier for the visitor to navigate throughout the various pages of the Website, and at the same time to help their searches into the Web Portal.

    The trust of the company, with which our cooperation lasts from the first stages of development of God is a DJ, was the trigger for the creation of the complex platform, which makes it the number one "station" for the DJ scene in Greece.

  • The Web Portal

    For the needs of Godisadj.gr, we created exclusive categories, including Dj Sections, Releases, Mix Sets, Charts, but also a Calendar with the biggest Events of the country!

    Due to the peculiarity of this Web Portal, the top technology of the time was chosen in direct relation to the multimedia applications!

    Special emphasis was given to the WebTV section, with Full HD shooting, but also showcase quality in the shows that played exclusively through this unique Website.

    At the same time, the Website has an unbeatable Layout and impressive effects, in order to attract the visitor's attention and increase his navigation experience.


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