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The Company

Beacon's reputation for excellence has been built and maintained for over 50 years, starting with the first Beacon lighting store in Prahran, Victoria, Australia in 1967. The extensive series of fans, many of which are exclusives of Beacon International, combine the ultimate style but also the construction superiority. With steady and continuous growth, with a steadily expanding range of fan models and with representatives-leaders in their field worldwide, Beacon is very proud of its progress throughout the years.

  • The Project

    Beacon provided us with an organized and integrated Marketing plan, which included the creation of an interactive, corporate Website, with guaranteed solutions to ordinary consumers, but also companies that choose to equip their facilities with high-quality fans.

    At the same time, the Website had to be Responsive, with a clear Design that would emphasize the company's products, and specifications that could always convert it easily to an Eshop.

    The result should showcase reliability and enhance the buying process of the company's potential customers.

  • The Website

    For the company's needs, we created a dynamic Custom Website, with minimal design, and easy navigation environment for the user.

    The Website has multiple filters, which guide the potential customer to make the best possible fan choice for their space or business.

    At the same time, the product comparison feature was integrated, along with an FAQ section with useful information, but also the different points of sale of the company's products, trying to increase the user experience.

    Finally, the Website was linked to NetPlanet iCMS, so that the content could be easily modified and the company could ensure reduced costs in its future upgrades.


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