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Neo E

New Channel in Town!
Web Portal - Coming Soon
The Client

This new TV channel started its firsts steps in June and is expected to expand fully by September along with the new television season.

The first concern of this TV channel was to get close to the viewer and to cover his needs, both for its valid and objective news and for its entertainment.

  • The Brief

    The brief for a TV station that is constantly changing can be quite complex and really difficult to reach a final form. 

    The company - for which we have created more than 10 projects in 5 countries at least - trusted us for the Website creation of the "Neo E". 

    The requirements were very simple. We had to create a very quick proposal and keep changing it until the Website would get its final form.

  • The Solution

    The development time actually broke a record, but the website was not the final one. 

    As the company changes, the website will acquire a new and different form than the current one.

    The goal is to create an alternative Web Portal that meets the needs of the average viewer. 

    Until then, stay tuned.


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