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Indian Haveli

Love for Indian Cuisine!
Corporate Website
The Company

This exquisite business has taken the spirit and ethos of the Haveli and channeled it into our restaurant in the Heart of Athens City.

The endeavor of INDIAN HAVELI is to offer Authentic Indian vegetarian and non-vegetarian cuisine with a variety of Curries and Tandoori foods that are made out of fresh, natural ingredients with diverse tastes and decorative elements while at the same time maintaining the hospitality traditions of India.

  • The Project

    The goals of the restaurant's Website were clear. Indianhaveli.gr had to bring out the love for Indian tradition and cuisine. 

    If you visit the restaurant you will understand that its philosophy, its food, even its utensils, have a strong feeling and the visitor thinks he is in India. 

    For this reason, we were asked a unique Design that reflects its philosophy and at the same time, inspires the user to explore the dishes and services offered by INDIAN HAVELI.

  • The Website

    Designing a Website based on the philosophy of India was a beautiful challenge for NetPlanet. The details, the graphics, and the way the pages were presented required some research. The main body of the Website includes the story of INDIAN HAVELI, the events of its clients, the Restaurant Menu, and the Photo Gallery. 

    At the same time, the visitor has the option to contact the restaurant and make their own reservation or to order at his own place. 

    The ongoing evolution of the restaurant, both on the Menu level and on the service level required a CMS that could be updated easily and quickly. That is why we linked the Website to the NetPlanet iCMS.


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