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Scarpa Mykonos

There's always time for a Cocktail!
Corporate Website for Cocktail Bar
The Company

Small but irresistible, this attractive cocktail bar located in Little Venice has become one of the best-known and must-visit places in Mykonos island, for 40 years now. Even though it is open from morning, serving great breakfast and fresh juices, Scarpa truly invites you to get there early in the afternoon, so as to get ready for the magnificent sunset. After that, the party starts and goes on till the next morning - everybody is up dancing until the crack of dawn. This is Mykonos after all. Open from March to October, Scarpa (this is also the old name of this area) and its special atmosphere, encapsulate the essence of the island, offering unforgettable nights, as well as a unique, sensual and memorable experience.

  • The Project

    Scarpa's management provided us with a comprehensive marketing plan, which included the creation of an extensive Website that should show the magical atmosphere of the place, through a unique and unforgettable tour.

    The main goal was the easy and fast navigation of the user, as well as a modern and high-aesthetics design that every Website requires in order to become the focus of every visitor's preference.

    At the same time, we were asked for special places for the Photo Galleries of Scarpa, which would show its magnificent view, aiming to impress its customers.

  • The Website

    Custom Web Design was the only solution to meet the expectations of the Marketing Plan given to us by Scarpa.

    The promotion of the atmosphere of this seaside cocktail bar, but also the freshness of its cocktails, is highlighted through the fresh Design of the internal pages.

    The pages and the design are search engine friendly, and make it easy for the user to navigate, aiming to achieve a high Quality Score.

    For easy and immediate updating of the content, we linked the Website to NetPlanet iCMS.

    Thus, the continuous updates of photos, texts, and other elements of the Website, are carried out in time.


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