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What is GSP?

GSP, or Gmail Sponsored Promotion, is a tool we use in order to deliver targeted ads to Gmail users.

It may sound like a casual Google advertising product, but it offers unique features that contradict other companies that choose Email Marketing for their digital promotion.

Companies that choose to send promotional Emails to their subscribers watch their Email ending up to the third, and perhaps indifferent, Gmail Tab, called "Promotions."

Over time, the Gmail user knows that the "Promotions" tab includes only promotional Emails and stops tracking it.

With the GSP, we can serve ads to all Emails recipients of our competitors, without knowing their email or who they actually are.

Our ad will be displayed on the homepage of Gmail.

Therefore, the GSP gives a huge competitive advantage to those who choose it, compared to the companies that choose Email Marketing.

At NetPlanet, our Google Digital Certified Digital Marketing, with the highest status of Premier Google Partner in Google's 4 types of advertising channels, can target your competition, but also your related audience, through the GSP, and maximize your advertising results.

Do you want more? www.netplanet.gr

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