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Ea Ceramic Studio

Passion for Clay!
Custom B2C Eshop
The Company

E and A create handmade clay objects. They focus on ancient forms, always making some adjustments, so they can have a modern, yet functional, result.

Their work narrates stories based on human nature, humor, and philosophy.

Ea Ceramic Studio was founded by Ema Ramanskaite in 2010.

  • The Project

    The Brief we received from the workshop ea Ceramic Studio included an extremely minimal Eshop design that would showcase the high aesthetics and the minimalism that characterizes its special creations.

    This Eshop had to cover a wide range of products, such as kitchen & other items of a house, wall decorations, small decorative pots and much more.

    At the same time, we were asked to incorporate a Blog, in order to have space where it would announce Ceramic Studio's pottery seminars, as well as its most important news about new creations, partnerships, and tips that has to offer to its audience.

  • The Website

    The Minimal Design, primarily focused on the extremely easy navigation and easy process of making an Online Order in Ceramic Studio's Eshop, was a one-way solution for NetPlanet.

    At the same time, we had to address both to the Greek market and the foreign market, as the brand accepts orders from every country of the world.

    At the same time, the Order Tracking function has been integrated, and the customer can track his order, a fact that increases the User Experience provided by this unique Eshop.

    For the easy, fast and daily content updates of the Eshop, we had to connect the NetPlanet iCMS. In this way, both the content and the upgrades are made in the shortest possible time, and the expectations of ea Ceramic Studio have been achieved.


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