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Interactivity with the user or just an ordinary advertising spot?

The competitiveness of our time made the continuous investment in web marketing and advertising necessary, leading to the discovery of new promoting methods for every professional. We are walking through the era of technology, which is increasingly evolving, forcing us to invent new ways of consumer approach, which will actually give us the maximum profit. To achieve something like this, we need to understand that our profit should not be the primary target, but the highest possible customer satisfaction instead.

Practically, what does it mean?

A real professional should ensure the quality of the services he provides and also, the direct communication with his customers. Our daily routine has become so rapid and its combination with the rapid technology evolution, has essentially imposed the direct online communication between the consumer and the entrepreneur. Plus, nowadays a business website or an online store, are just taken for granted. But what actually makes a professional to stand out?

Advertising campaigns with video. Are they necessary?

After the online sales – and all kinds of e-services – the era of the Internet TV has come and it is more “alive” than ever! We assure that the continuous demand of new Internet Channels, advertising online spots, even the creation of entire online emissions from our customers’ businesses and start-ups, has lead the way for the “death” of television (as a device),but also witnessed the birth over its online form.

How is Web Interactive actually involved?

Web Interactive was created by NetPlanet to serve this purpose. Meaning to cover the needs of the entrepreneur and the consumer, simultaneously. It is an original software that offers interactivity in videos, spots, ads on YouTube, etc. How? By providing the ability to “click” on the product, service, gadget, or anything displayed on the video (links, etc.) for the sake of each company separately. How many people have wished to have a product in a video they saw someday, somewhere on YouTube and they forgot its existence after closing their browser? Do you believe that if your customers had the ability to buy your products within a minute, just by one click, would they reject this option?

Here, in NetPlanet, we are able to provide the necessary technology and the right equipment for your own online advertisement on YouTube and also, to guarantee its interactive side. We create, promote and support your online presence.


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