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Is it about time to build the E-shop that you have been dreaming of?

At NetPlanet, we build Custom Websites that are made to achieve the purpose they were made for! That is, to sell!

Is it worth to invest in an Eshop? Yes!

Surveys and global statistics have shown that no physical shop is able to compete with an Eshop. There are many reasons for that!

Building costs! A good hand-made Eshop costs about 10 to… 100 times less than a physical shop. A Template - Eshop costs even less!

The time of building one! Even hand-made Eshops can be ready in less than a month, while a template can be ready within 2-3 days!

Maintenance costs! At this point, the differences are huge! You do not have to pay large amounts of money in rent, social security, human resources etc. An Eshop can cost you a bit more than… 12 euros per month!

Customer range! You are not just targeting the people of your neighborhood anymore, but you will attract customers from all over the world!

Always open! An Eshop is open 24 hours per day, 365 days per year and it sells even when you are… sleeping!

What are the characteristics of a successful E-shop?

The characteristics vary from an Eshop to another and, usually, the automated procedures or the attributes are made according to the demands of its owner. We will mention some of the features of the hand-made Eshops we build, which we consider the most important for a contemporary Eshop!

Responsive Eshop! Cellphone and tablet users constitute more than 60 percent of the market! By using responsive design, our Eshop adjusts automatically and correctly to any device’s screen! From the smallest screen of a cellphone, to the comfort 24” screen of a home user or even, a Smart TV!

Wholesale and retail at the same Eshop! B2B clients (wholesale) can be easily separated from the retail customers. A client can easily pass from the one category to the other!

Different prices to each client! Clients can have different prices for the same product. For example, we can check the purchases of each client and automatically generate a unique discount for this particular customer! Another way that that this can actually happen in a B2B Eshop, is to create discount categories (B2B Groups) and each client can be part of one of them. Thereafter, we can change the category that each client belongs depending on the purchases he makes in your business.

Connection to your company’s ERP! Big Eshops have their own ERP (Accounting Software) and register everything in it! We can connect your Eshop with your own ERP and read automatically every information you want, like prices, product availability, product characteristics etc.

Discount coupons! At this point, the marketing choices are vary and they have to do with the way we want to promote our Eshop. We can create many different discount coupons with different dates or expiration dates! For example, we define an automated Facebook campaign which will be published at 3 am and its advertisement will declare that the 3 first customers will have a 50%, 70%, 90% discount! Otherwise, we can say that «Only for today and with the discount coupon XXX you get 50% discount». At 12 am the coupon will expire and the discount campaign will automatically be over. In a similar way, we can reward the client by adding a discount coupon to his order which can, for example, be used in a future purchase!

Numberless Resellers! We can define numberless resellers of our Eshop by using the above discount coupons we mentioned! For example, we can create a coupon like that, with 10% discount and connect it with a reseller. If one of them makes a purchase, he automatically gains 10% from it. Our hand-made CMS will identify the client and automatically inform the reseller with an e-mail, so thatthe agreed gain percentage is given to him, for example. In this way, everybody gets satisfied. The client gets the 10% discount, the reseller gets his percentage and the Eshop makes another successful sale!

Product filtering! It is very important that when our customer navigates in our Eshop and in front of thousands products, he should be able to separate the products with a few clicks, depending on his needs. So, we use as many filters (Attributes) as we can in order to make it easier for him to shop and as a consequence, our Eshop becomes more successful. Such filters could be the rearrangement of the products depending on the price, color, size, quality etc.

Shopping by brand! If our Eshop is a commercial business that trades products from different manufacturers, we can separate them by building a different page for each manufacturer/designer. In those pages, we can show whatever we want about our suppliers and at the same time, we can connect their products giving the impression to the client that he is dealing with the unique representative!

Multiple media for each product! A product should not be presented by just only one photo, but it should be able to have many photos, video, zoom function, technical characteristics etc. In this way, we give our client a better image of the product and make it easy for him to make his decision about it!

Interactive video! If the media that accompanies the product include video as well, then we can make a new video clip which can be viewed in YouTube and the user watching it, will be able to be redirected, with a simple click, from the YouTube page to the product page of this specified product. Differently, at NetPlanet we have Studios, Cameras, Directors etc. to create the whole concept!

Product relationship! The successful Eshop is the one that keeps the interest of the client for as long as possible! This can be achieved by presenting relative products under the product that the client has chosen to inspect. If he doesn’t like his choice, we automatically present to him other products that are related to his original choice. Related products can be presented with different options like by category, by color, by type etc.

Mix and match E-shop! A function that we encounter in quality fashion shops or in most quality fashion websites. With this function we can suggest product combinations to our clients. For example, while the client is viewing a red dress on the web page we can suggest to him to combine this product with shoes, bags, jewelry etc. that match with it. In this webpage, the client has a more fulfilled shopping experience, because we do not just offer him one product but we give him combination solutions that will help him complete his purchase fast and correctly!

Multiple payment methods! Even though clients tend to pay by cash on delivery, we will safely connect your Eshop with the bank of your choice for the use of any credit card, PayPal and in general anything needed!

Automatic calculation of transport fees! The hand-made Eshops can be modified so they can automatically calculate transportation fees. In addition, we can connect your Eshop with a Courier company, for example UPS, and apply automated transportation fees for the whole world!

Full statistics inside the CMS! Every day and while connected to the CMS, we can observe full statistics, for example, about which of our products are in demand, the status of our orders and anything you can ask!

Are we finished here? No!

There are many more and nice functions for an Eshop like favorites list (Add to Favorites),Tell A Friend, Imports, Imports, Exports, Manage Media, User, Connection to Social media, Google Maps etc. that we can discuss closely and help you make your final choice. Moreover, do not forget that a successful Eshop can help you build a complete E-business!

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