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Nowadays, it is proven that more and more consumers and professionals tend to use the web for their daily purchases and for searching new products and services for their personal or corporate needs.

The number of these people is constantly increasing and this clearly confirms that the Internet can be used as a strong web Marketing tool, always under the right circumstances. It can launch the sales of a company, without a particularly great cost.

NetPlanet can manage the Web Marketing of your business and increase your sales, using the latest web technologies, on the lowest possible budget.

Some of the solutions we offer to our clients are the following:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

NetPlanet has achieved to develop its own content management system (NetPlanet iCMS) in order to link easily and fast with Google API, Google Image, Google Translate, Google Maps, Facebook API, Mobile SMS Servers, etc.

Along with the automated SEO, NetPlanet iCMS provides unique solutions of “Tag & Caption” so that your company can manage autonomously a variety of different keywords for pages, products, photos and videos.

In this way, we provide unique solutions to our customers, so as to ensure the successful optimization of their website in search engines (SEO).

In cases of dynamic websites built entirely in Flash, NetPlanet provides to its clients a Web Application called FireFoX Robot. FireFoX is a Robot that links with NetPlanet iCMS and undertakes the automatic registration of all data of a dynamic or static Flash website in search engines.

Social Networks Web Design

According to TNS, “Greeks are the Facebook champions”, which ranks our country in fifth place worldwide in the use of Social Networks!

In NetPlanet we put great emphasis on corporate websites made exclusively for Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.

Our goal is to support your products and services, by creating a professional website that will stand out among the majority of amateur websites that exist today in Social Media. Feel free to ask for our samples of corporate Facebook websites.

Take advantage of NetPlanet’s experts and pioneer towards the competition!

Mobile Applications

Since the use of Smart Phones has been increased, we need to build websites in Mobile Versions or create autonomous Mobile Applications.

NetPlanet specializes at Mobile Applications built for Android Operating Systems (Google) & iPhones (Apple).

For companies that have a full dynamic website based on NetPlanet iCMS, the Mobile version update is done easily and with lower cost.

NetPlanet iCMS totally supports a Website’s Mobile Version using the iCMS Mobile Plug-in. We design the Mobile Layout of the Website in a smart way, so that it links to NetPlanet iCMS, which means that you have a permanently updated Mobile Version, alongside and with the updates made to your current website.

NetPlanet creates Mobile Applications for big companies that provide internet and mobile services in Europe.

For more information contact our Marketing Department.

News Letters Campaigns

By creating the appropriate advertising Email, we are able to target a new group of clients and new markets we couldn’t reach by now, because of the expensive postal mailing.

For the proper promotion of your advertising campaign, NetPlanet uses exclusively the Mailing List (,a web application created by our team and can be modified, always according to your company’s needs.

For more information about Mailing List please follow the link:

Google Campaigns

Advertise your business in a smart way and always according to your target group, using the most popular search engine worldwide. Choose NetPlanet for the management of your advertising campaign.

Our company is cooperating with Google and also, attends to all its seminars that seek the best and most appropriate learning of Google AdWords Service.

Choose NetPlanet to manage your advertising campaign aiming to the best possible results.

Web Tricks

When it comes to the promotion of a product or service, it is known that many advertising companies choose to create a Smart Email which consists of a simple Flash Card or even a tricky Video Clip.

In NetPlanet we are able to design and develop the most advanced ideas and also, turn your plans into reality.

Our experience in Flash Video Compression (FLV) and in Flash Scripts development, makes us capable of producing the ultimate Mini Website, always depending on your company’s budget.

Radio & TV Spots

NetPlanet cooperates with the most reliable directors, photographers, sound mixers, Djs and is able to design and produce advertising TV & Radio Spots or Samples.

NetPlanet has its own Recording Studio and High Definition Video Equipment, so as to reduce the production’s cost and guarantee the quality of service to our customers.





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