Fader - George Siras

Fader - George Siras

Absolutely successful and effective, for two decades he is the center of interest, as the master Greek chief of decks!

With the universal acceptance of his technical capabilities George Siras makes a powerful story in his favorite djbooth with his passion for music, the DJing and the originality of his thoughts. You can see the set and the interview only in God is a

Presentation: Fay Petroulaki
Direction: Takis Thomaidis
Editorial: Kyriakos Marangos
Art Direction: Katia Gianniri
Photographer: Kostas Bourlokas
Production Address: Konstantina Laspa
Marketing Address: Maria AnnaStefanidi
Art Director: Evi Machaira
Sound Design Signal: Pantelis Kotakis - Sugar Factory Records
Sound: George Panagoulias
Editing: George Thomaidis
Styling: Despina Maneta
Hair Styling: George Gaitanidis Hairsalon
Digitization: Fotis Asikou

Audiovisual equipment: PETRAKIS
With the fresh energy of: Qube Energy Drink

Sponsors: Skull Production, DJ Booth, Grey Studios, Colour Day Festival, Bananistas, ID FASHION

Production: NetPlanet

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