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NetPlanet iCMS

NetPlanet iCMS

The ultimate tool for dynamic content management for any web application!
It has all the necessary tools and can be easily modified to serve your needs.


It supports Dynamic Websites, Dynamic Flash Websites, Web Portals, e-Commerce, B2B – B2C, TV Stations, Radio Stations, and can be easily linked to your company’s ERP. 

It provides great flexibility because with the same Content Management System you can manage one or more websites at the same time using common Media (Photos, Videos, PDF, Flash Animations),Articles, Products, Polls, Maps, etc.



  • Manage Categories & Subcategories
  • Add Media to Categories & Subcategories
  • Manage Pages & Articles
  • Add Media to Pages & Articles
  • Different Page Modes (Inactive, Edit, Preview, Public)
  • Default Page or Article Posts (Month, Date, Time)
  • Automatic Page or Article Removal (Month, Date, Time)
  • Add Pages, Articles, Products in Multiple Categories
  • Unlimited unique features according to your needs
  • Add Associated Pages, Articles, Products, etc.
  • Add Comments per Page, Article, Product, etc.
  • Manage Polls (Start-End Date, Timer, Validation, etc.)
  • Add Polls to Pages, Articles, Products, etc.
  • Manage Base Media (Photos, Flash, PDF, Videos, Other)
  • Manage Photo Galleries (Add to Articles, Pages, etc.)
  • Automatic Photo Editing in various sizes
  • Creating Photos from Parts of Other Photos
  • Creating Photos with Different illustrations per Analysis
  • Media Demonstration via Lists or Thumbnails
  • Manage Products & Manufacturers
  • Manage Discount Coupons (Discount, Time to Use, κτλ.)
  • Manage Orders per Customer, Date, Coupon
  • Manage Resellers
  • Product Availability Status
  • Favourites List
  • Import & Export Data to CSV, XLS, etc.
  • Manage Users & Customers
  • Grouping Users & Customers
  • Costumer Login using Facebook
  • Sending Messages through SMS, Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  • Manage Maps through Google Maps
  • Map editing tools
  • Automatic Translation of the content in 52 Languages


It includes even more features, and it turns into the ultimate multi-tool for Marketing with smart management of Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

NetPlanet iCMS links to Google API, Google Maps, Google Images, Google Translate, Facebook , etc.


We could design for you your own Plug-in depending on the needs of your company.


For more information contact us or complete the Request Form and the NetPlanet’s Marketing Department will contact you within 24 hours.