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Mailing List

Direct mail software. A marketing tool that provides effective results!

Mailing List is a Web Application that helps you send mass Email News Letter Campaigns.

These Emails consist of a plain text form or a web page form that includes texts, Banners, Links, Headers, Footers etc.

The purpose of Mailing List is to promote or advertise your products or services to many users simultaneously while you have the lowest possible cost, without any unnecessary costs to printers, post, etc.

Another Mailing List’s advantage is speed. In printed or mail advertising your customers will be informed about the campaign after several days. Mailing List gives you the ability to send 10,000 promotional Emails in just 5 minutes. News Letters are sent with Web Servers’ speed connection 100 MBPS.

Warning! The Mailing List does not include Email addresses.
It is constructed in such a way to provide easy navigation for even inexperienced users. You can enter your customers’ Email into individual, mass or categorized group forms. 

Available packages and their costs vary according to the number of the sending Emails. For more information contact us or fill in the Request Form and our Marketing Department will contact you within 24 hours.