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Send and manage Newsletters with immediate and impressive results!

The Mailing List is an online application that helps you send promotional emails.

These Emails can be in plain text, or in the form of a regular web page with texts, Banners, Links, Headers, Footers, etc.

The purpose of the Mailing List is to help you advertise your products and services to multiple users at the same time, at the lowest possible cost, with no extra costs including printing, postal, etc.

Another advantage of the Mailing List is its speed. In print advertising and traditional mailing, your advertising campaign and customer briefing would take place several days later. The Mailing List gives you the ability to send 10,000 promotional Emails in just 5 minutes. Newsletters are send from Web Servers with 200 MBPS speed.

Does it also include Emails?

Attention! The Mailing List does not include Email addresses. It is built to provide easy navigation, even to inexperienced users, so you can register your customers' emails individually, massively or in groups.

The available packages and costs may vary, depending on the size of your sends. For more information contact us or fill out the Request Form and NetPlanet Marketing Department will contact you within 24 hours.

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