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Vasilis Tsitsigias
Tailor Italian Wear - C.E.O.

Vasilis Tsitsigias
Tailor Italian Wear - C.E.O.

Hello, I am Vasilis from Tailor Company.
I would like to talk to you about NetPlanet company and our experience through our latest cooperation.
We started to look for a potential partner who would help us create an e-shop for our products, achieve the communication through the digital media and promote our Brand online.
We found NetPlanet, which was what we were looking for, a one-stop solution and we started by building our eshop at first. At this point, being really satisfied, we also entrusted the management of our social networks and the Branding of our company.
I think that NetPlanet is the ideal partner who can offer you new and innovative ideas, things that we have not been aware of until now and I am sure that our cooperation will last for a long time and will have a very good result, as we expect.

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