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NetPlanet started about 2 decades ago in Piraeus, aiming to create Multimedia websites with content that combines Animation, 3D, Sounds, and Video.

The imagination for creation leads to the success of making its Website as the main presentation of Web Design schools, catching everyone’s eye.

The first major companies that trusted our Custom creations were Mad TV, Heaven Music, Star Channel, Rockwave Festival, Ticket House, The Web, etc., and also the official Shakira’s website.

We created the first Digital station in Greece (Athens Music Station), the First Web TV (Sun Box) and we have built various Web Software for Digital Marketing purposes, such as the Mailing List, FireFox Robot, etc.

The multidimensional demands of our customers made us create NetPlanet iCMS so that we can combine all existing technologies simultaneously on a Website. From a simple website to an advanced TV station.

Web Design Group: NetPlanet - Aboutnet

In 2012, NetPlanet decided to participate in a Web Design Company Group, which resulted in the unification of its power with Aboutnet.

Google rewarded this effort by certifying both companies with the highest certification of the Premier Google Partner.

Since then, NetPlanet & Aboutnet have a common vision to develop Web Design and Digital Marketing, having the largest active clientele in Greece, and exporting their products & services to more than 12 countries.

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